January 24, 2018

Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought I would write a quick blog for all the guys out there struggling to find something nice for their wives, partners, girlfriends, etc. I know people’s opinions of Valentine’s Day vary; some love it and want to acknowledge it, while others feel it’s too commercialised and just another “made-up” day of celebrations.

Darren and I met a long time ago, and I personally feel that it’s nice to acknowledge days like Valentine’s Day just to show that we still appreciate each other after all these years and that we can still surprise each other with a ‘token’ gift. By ‘token’, I mean we would usually spend something small on each other – usually in the region of around €30/€35.

So here are my TOP 5 token gifts for anyone who may be interested:

1. Of course, I am going to start off with a piece from our collection. The one I have chosen is our “Infinite Love” earrings. They are pretty, timeless, come with a little quote card which shows the meaning behind them and, most important, they are within budget at €35. So, a lot of positives there! The one negative I will mention is that if your ‘someone special’ is expecting something much more than a pair of earrings this Valentine’s Day, the box the earrings come in could be mistaken for a ring box!! Besides the earrings, we have some beautiful necklaces in stock, albeit a little more expensive but definitely worth checking out. You can also use the code vday10 at the checkout in the coupon section for 10% off your purchase.

2. Most girls, and I’m sure guys, too, love to just unwind in the evenings and taking a bath is definitely something that helps us achieve this. So my next gift suggestion would be a Bath Bomb set. Here’s a link to some nice sets. The ones I spotted are on – so make sure you get them early in order for them to be delivered on time.

3. Next up is a pamper treatment / day. This can be as expensive or inexpensive as you would like it to be. If she is into getting her nails done or has some event like a wedding coming up, why not get her a voucher for a manicure or a pedicure? If you are thinking of maybe spending a little more than that, then check out your nearest hotel for a list of the treatments on offer such as a head, neck or back massage. The Maryborough Hotel and Spa in Cork is particularly renowned for its treatments so check out the link here to give you an idea of what they offer and how much they charge.

4. You honestly can’t go wrong with a Penney’s pyjama set and slippers … seriously!! Especially right now with the dark evenings we are having, a lot of us girls tend to change into our pjs as soon as we get in from work – I suppose that’s why they call it lounge wear. FYI, the pj sets in Penneys, I find, tend to be on the smaller size and may shrink slightly so I would always go up a size. I am a size 8 (small) in clothes but I would always buy a size 10-12 (medium) in their sets.

5. And finally, the old reliable, i.e. flowers … and, maybe, a nice scented candle. I’m not BIG into flowers personally; after all, they don’t last very long and on a day like Valentine’s Day they can be ridiculously expensive but they do look lovely. Aldi and Lidl usually have lovely bunches that are reasonably priced but be sure to get in there early to avoid disappointment. I find that Homestore & More are great for the scented candles, or you can be lucky sometimes and can get nice sets in Tesco.

So that’s it from me. I hope this is somewhat helpful to anyone struggling to come up with an idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. I hope you have a lovely day and, remember, it’s the thought that counts!


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